GAC offers the premier promotional service for participatory sports and event companies. With our exclusive access to the most athlete-frequented locations in Colorado, GAC provides the following advantages over the other advertising mediums:

Local magazines: GAC offers significant advantages over advertising in local sports publications. The biggest advantage is cost. A month-long, multi-thousand brochure GAC campaign costs approximately the same as quarter page ad in Rocky Mountain Sports Magazine, the only local sports publication in Colorado. (What about the other mag?) In addition to saving our clients money, GAC also offers a more direct and effective way of advertising. When you purchase ad space in a local magazine, your ad will be stuck near the back of the publication, so there is a high likelihood that the ad will never be seen. For a reader to see your ad, he or she must first purchase or pick-up the publication, then must be interested enough in the content to read all the way to the back portion (where event advertising is located), and then must still make contact with you for registration materials. You are relying heavily on the ability of the publication editor to create a cover that attracts attention, and then to create content that will keep the reader interested enough to keep reading to the back portion. (And this doesn’t even take into account the possibility that you will get a poor placement in the magazine, like the inside lower quarter of a page.) With GAC, the client is front and center at eye level for the athlete to see all month at their favorite gym or retail location. Further, the GAC concept eliminates the middle steps of the magazine ad form of advertising. The registration material, designed and created by the client, is immediately put into the athlete’s hands, thus providing a higher likelihood of follow-through and registration.

Other Distributors: Other distribution companies cannot provide the access to the best locations that GAC has. Our exclusive agreements with our retail partners allow GAC to be the sole source of display literature in these locations. No other company can place literature in our Retail Partners’ locations without our consent. Therefore, if you go with a different company for your distribution needs, chances are that they will have to go through us. Why not go straight to the source?

Radio/TV: Too expensive and not narrowly tailored enough to provide effective advertising on a dollar for dollar basis.