Becoming a Retail Partner has several advantages for health clubs and retailers. When we partner with a new location, we do more than just place a rack in the store. We establish a long term relationship that benefits both parties. The principals of GAC personally visit each new partner’s location to plan a custom tailored rack system for the location. We can even build a total rack system that will hold brochures as well as all other free publications the Retail Partner wants to provide for its customers or members. The best part: It’s all free to the Retail Partner. We provide the rack for free; install it for free; and maintain it for free. It’s a no lose situation for the Retail Partner.

Being a GAC Retail Partner provides the retailer with a free avenue of generating more traffic to the location. We give all of our Retail Partners free exposure on the GAC website, and allow full click through capabilities for each Partner.

Another benefit of being a GAC Retail Partner is the aesthetic enhancement of the retail location. The free publication section of many health clubs and retailers is often dusty and cluttered. This can turn off many customers. GAC cleans the rack area for each Retail Partner on a monthly basis so that it is current and clean. Once again, this is another attribute that the Retail Partner receives for free just by being in partnership with GAC.

Click here for a list of our current retail partners.