Our service is guaranteed exposure for our clients in at least 100 of metro Denver’s most attractive locations for athletes. We offer space in our custom designed brochure display racks on a month-to-month basis. We offer space on a first come, first served basis. All brochure racks are stocked on the first of the month, and then re-stocked on the fifteenth of the month. We stay in close contact with our retail partners so they inform us of any brochures that have been used up. We immediately visit the site and re-stock the empty rack space. This continues until the end of the placement term, or until the client’s brochures are exhausted.

We also offer advertising on our website for clients. We have full click-through access to the client’s website from the GAC site. We continually update our site and register it with search engines to insure the best exposure for our clients.

In addition to the rental space available in our custom created display racks, we also offer additional brochure distribution to more than 500 other locations throughout Colorado. This distribution service can include the client’s own personal brochure holder, or holders provided by GAC. This affords the GAC client with exposure across the entire state. We can provide blanket coverage, or work with the client to develop a specifically tailored list of drop points. Please contact us for more details.

The extensive list of retail partners and drop site allows GAC to offer our clients unparalleled exposure in the most athlete friendly state in the country. Call us now for more information!!